A Wristwatch That Tracks Your Heartbeats And Analyzes The Data

A Wristwatch That Tracks Your Heartbeats And Analyzes The Data

Basis is a connected personal tracking device that not only tracks your data but helps you make sense of it as well.

Paloma M. Vazquez
  • 19 january 2012

As another indication of the growth of connected personal data devices that help quantify our personal health and wellness progress, Basis is a device, worn as a wristwatch, that tracks heartbeats and employs particular technologies to paint a holistic picture of your personal health and wellness. According to Basis, a couple of its core features include:

A 3D accelerometer [that] measures how active you are, [and] temperature and galvanic skin response sensors [that] provide new insight into how your performance is impacted by events in your day. These factors in relation to your heart rate give you the richest picture of your wellness.

And of course, there’s the ever-important and differentiating algorithm, which may just be what differentiates it from Jawbone’s Up and FitBit. According to Basis, the information and feedback delivered to each individual is customized based on personal data analyzed by their science team. Basis is “constantly refining and adding to the product based on new scientific research, so you can be sure you’re getting comprehensive feedback, always.”

Basis is further validation of the ‘quantified personal health’ via connected device trend that we began to see emerge last year, and is only expected to grow this year. Basis’ entry takes a rather instinctive form (a wristwatch), and tracks a holistic picture of one’s activity and health by tracking how one’s heart rate responds throughout a day, across different activities, automatically. The device wearer does not need to remember to select sleep vs. exercise mode, as the device will automatically detect that through its multiple sensors. These small but unique nuances help differentiate it from other current solutions.


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