YouTube Europe Invites Artists To Design New Brand Aesthetics

YouTube Europe Invites Artists To Design New Brand Aesthetics

YouTube Europe and agency YMEE House orchestrated a collaboration between client brands and NYC art students to design each brand's future, embodying a key word describing that future in a piece of art.

Paloma M. Vazquez
  • 18 january 2012

Design the Future of Your Brand‘ is a project developed by YMEE House on behalf of YouTube Europe, in collaboration with YouTube’s 100 largest clients in Europe, and young artists. YouTube asked their clients’ CEOs and Marketing Directors to describe the future of their brand in one key word. With these keywords, YMEE worked with over 35 young NYC-based art students to develop 100 individual art pieces inspired by each brand’s keyword. The pieces included short videos, illustrations, photographs and sculptures, which were ultimately exhibited in a private show in Milan, where more than 500 attendees perused the pieces before they were gifted to the brands in question — many for commercial use. As an example, the video below showcases one artist’s interpretation of ‘loved’ for Scavolini, an Italian kitchen brand. A full online gallery showcases all the pieces will launch in the new few weeks.

Scavolini – The Most Loved from Alexander Kurze on Vimeo.

We love this idea for several reasons, not the least of which is that it takes YouTube — an essentially digital property built around a single medium (online video), and gives it a role in each brand’s future through extensions that went beyond purely video; extensions like illustrations, photographs and sculptures. And of course, there’s the benefit it held for both the individual brands and for the artists that collaborated with them to create quality artwork that embodies and propagates the future of each brand.

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