3D Geometric Light Graffiti Creates Mesmerizing Glow

3D Geometric Light Graffiti Creates Mesmerizing Glow
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Japan-based photographer and expert light painter, Trevor Williams makes three-dimensional light sculptures that redefine their surroundings.

Kyana Gordon
  • 1 february 2012

Armed with an arsenal of custom light painting tools (various LED and xenon flashlights) he designed himself, Trevor Williams creates mesmerizing effects that must be seen to be believed. The Japan-based photographer and light painting pioneer produces individual light images, as well as group paintings with the collective he founded, Fiz-iks. Paying special attention to location, the group explores Japanese architecture to construct surprising narratives that meld the modern artistic technique with traditional landscapes.

The photographs feature bright colorful spheres, neon cylinders, spastic light beams – each image revealing a mesmerizing pattern. Williams’ artistic decisions certainly complement the images, and the illuminated spaces are a stunning display of his meticulous skill.


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