Ace Hotel Palm Springs Tests Whether Or Not Room Color Effects Your Mood [Video]

Ace Hotel Palm Springs Tests Whether Or Not Room Color Effects Your Mood [Video]
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Various suites were repainted using 3 color combinations provided by Comex based on the schemes in their trend color books.

Emma Hutchings
  • 6 february 2012

Arkitip carried out an experiment in color at Ace Hotel Palm Springs, partnering with Comex and their trend color books. Five rooms at the hotel were repainted using three combinations based on color schemes in the books and five media reporters were then invited to stay for a long weekend. They changed rooms every night to experience the different colors and see what effect it had on their mood. Arkitip writes:

One scarcely realizes how much color can affect one’s mood until you happen to find yourself in a room where the paint is actually something other than white. Maybe you visit a friend’s house who is a fantastic interior decorator, or travel to the Caribbean, India or Latin America where they embrace dramatic color. Even a slight change in color can positively impact your mood, making you more productive, relaxed, even happy.

Brand Collaboration In Ace Hotel Rooms Provides Experiment In Color [Video]

This video documents the experience and the effects of the changing environments:

Photos by Brandon Shigeta


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