Amazon Lets You Buy IKEA Products Online

Amazon Lets You Buy IKEA Products Online

Online shopping giant offers convenience for furniture buyers by offering the iconic Scandinavian products on their website.

Yi Chen
  • 17 february 2012

Netizens went into an excited frenzy this week as Jason Kottke’s post “You can buy stuff from IKEA on Amazon!” was reblogged by Gizmodo. The convenience of not having to navigate around that maze that is the IKEA floor plan or having to carry everything home, lured shoppers to check out the IKEA furniture items featured on Amazon. Simply type in ‘IKEA’ in Amazon’s search all field to bring up the list of items for sale, including cutlery, coffee tables, lamps, and shelves,

After some careful research, it was identified that the Amazon IKEA account is a third-party seller and only stocks limited designs and products. Prices seem to be marked up, but some products do offer free delivery. Although you can still order online on the official IKEA website, shipping and handling prices could end up costing nearly half as much as the item itself.

It’s unsure when the third-party account began selling IKEA items on Amazon, but the news was first blogged by Apartment Therapy.


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