The Live Park interactive is an attraction equipped with Kinect, RFID tech and data sensors to offer an immersive virtual experience.

Live Park 4D is a state-of-the-arts 4D themepark in Ilsan, Korea. Created by a new media entertainment company, d'strict, the ‘Live Park 4D World Tour’ is the what the CEO describes as a “grand challenge for the world’s entertainment market.” The theme park and entertainment platform allows visitors to physically participate and interact with various 4D adventure platforms via RFID wristbands, Kinect sensors, and augmented reality technology. With over 65 different attractions over a 10,000 sq. foot area, visitors are identified by RFID, and can then use their avatars to interact with the games. One of the main attractions is ‘Live360’- the world’s largest interactive 360-degree stereoscopic theater where users experience a realistic game within a huge space. The themepark, which took a total of two years in the making and US$13 million, is looking to expand the concept internationally.

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