BMW To Solve The Eternal Problem: Where Can I Park?

BMW To Solve The Eternal Problem: Where Can I Park?

Car company invests in digital solutions to help mitigate one of the most common driving concerns

Yi Chen
  • 6 february 2012

BMW iVentures is an investment arm of the German automobile manufacturer that funds innovative technologies to help solve future transportation problems. In a recent panel discussion, speakers were invited to discuss “how digital technology can change, improve, disrupt, enhance and perhaps revolutionize mobility.” A strong focus was placed on parking management where there was plenty of room for improvement in an industry that’s behind the times when it comes to using advanced technology.

BMW iVentures has already invested into projects like MyCityWay and ParkatmyHouse that plan to be integrated into upcoming BMW models to help drivers navigate the streets better and find alternative parking spots. BMW hopes that by finding digital parking solutions, it can ease frustration among drivers and assist with traffic congestion during peak hours.

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