PSFK curates some of the strategy, digital and creative advertising news catching our attention.


We’re back with our weekly recap of the interesting and inspiring, with a particular eye for what shifts and ideas brands should be tracking, evaluating and acting on. This is a collection of  some standout business strategy, brand-building and digital media stories catching our attention.

Discussions Shaping Strategy, Creativity & Innovation 

The Hunger for New Content (on the discovery of hype and talent on the web – and its role in their rise and fall) Does the Internet Have A Gender? Pinterest As Free Market Research Who Is Keeping Up as the Digital Economy Sweeps the Globe? (the role of individuals vs. institutions in driving  digital innovation, and national competitiveness) The Digital Manifesto: How Countries and Companies Can Win in the Digital Economy 5 Keys to Great Marketing in 2012 Creating a Dynamic Culture The Age of Big Data (and the need for data consultants that can create sense and meaning from that data) How Companies Learn Your Secrets (again, on the importance of behavioral data and finding meaning) Summit Series Basecamp: Embracing Entrepreneurship at 6,000 Feet Facebook Commerce Has Been A Big Flop Why Being Sleepy and Drunk Are Great for Creativity Plug In Better: A Manifesto (unplugging from your device vs. unplugging from distractions)

Notable Ideas: New Products, Platforms and Projects 

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