Group Storytelling: 5 Best-In-Class Examples

Group Storytelling: 5 Best-In-Class Examples

PSFK explores how crowdsourcing methods are becoming more popular across several different mediums.

Piers Fawkes, PSFK
  • 20 february 2012

Storytellers are mixing communities to create narratives across mediums. This process often involves sharing with a group or co-creating stories together. This is manifesting itself in film, online and on TV. Below PSFK shares five examples of how, where and by whom group storytelling and crowdsourcing is being used.

Canon Teams Up With Ron Howard To Make Crowdsourced Short Film Inspired By Eight Photos

When You Find Me is a short film produced by Ron Howard and directed by actress Bryce Dallas Howard. It is based on Project Imagin8ion, a photo competition created by the popular camera company Canon. Almost 100,000 photos were submitted for the competition. Ron Howard selected eight winners. Each represented a principal tenet of story telling; setting, time, character and mood for example.

Is Crowdsourcing The Future Of Film?

Iron Sky is a B-grade science fiction action movie that depicts a Nazi space invasion of Earth. According to an article on, “tons of the ideas, visuals, and other aspects of the film were all crowdsourced. Internet fans also provided about $1 million of the funding for the movie.”

The 3six5 Project: 365 Points Of View

The 3six5 Project is a life streaming platform originally created by Chicago-based digital strategists Len Kendall and Daniel Honigman in 2010. Users are encouraged to write an entry on their respective experiences throughout the year. Each entry relates to what happens in the world that day and how it affected each user.

Community Of Online Storytellers Use Online Tool To Build Public Library Of Human Experience

The online project Cowbird is a place where storytellers keep audio-visual diaries, write stories and collaborate with others in documenting “sagas” taking place in the world. Individuals can document their lives with either public or private diaries that feature a combination of words, pictures and audio as well as tags, locations, dates, characters and dedications. It was created by artist and programmer Jonathan Harris.

How Google+ Hangouts Are Transforming Traditional TV

Google+ is introducing a video conference feature to Hangouts. It is called Hangouts On Air, and unlike Skype, the new feature allows anybody in a group to watch the video as a live YouTube steam. This is exciting for broadcasting networks that are aiming to engage social networks.

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