Daily Buffet-Style Fitness Packages Let You Try Out Various Activities

Daily Buffet-Style Fitness Packages Let You Try Out Various Activities

A new business model in the exercise industry creates packages of fun fitness experiences, offering consumers a break from strict schedules and activity monotony.

Alice Chan
  • 1 february 2012

Fitness Buffet is a Singaporean venture that incorporates the usability of Groupon into fun and unique exercise classes. Founder Callum Liang and his team find and gather sports and fitness classes and events and allow users to try them for free or at a low cost. The company creates unique packages that offer a variety of different classes that users can try. The packages, some costing around $99, are valued at more than $1,000 and definitely give users the freedom to try many different forms of exercise ranging from Muay Tai boxing to specialty health consultations. On its website, beginners and experts alike can search for and subscribe to these daily deals.

Laing created this platform as an alternative to the boring old gym routine. He invests time and effort into finding smaller businesses that offer a more personal and fun approach to exercise:

I knew a few people running fitness classes, but they struggled to compete against big gyms and their marketing budgets. The real irony is that the smaller organisations are the most passionate and keen to deliver value, yet most consumers will just go with the schedules that run at the large gyms.

The business model is an interesting, more tailored approach to the popular daily deal website. Through packaging and more varieties, Fitness Buffet caters to an audience that is more health-conscious but also overwhelmed by the amount of choices they have today. Laing summarizes the business model in one simple sentence:

If you have fun and meet people, fitness is just a bonus, then there’s really no need for motivation at all.

Fitness Buffet

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