Detect Depression With Your Smartphone

Detect Depression With Your Smartphone

A new app takes the quantified self movement a step further, using personal data collected from Wi-fi, Bluetooth and GPS to monitor the user's mood.

Stephen Fortune
  • 13 february 2012

The combination of smart phones and social media means that each one of us are data-generating dynamos.  Some researchers have realised all that data can be harnessed for the benefit of peoples mental health, and to test their theory they’re developing Mobilyze.

Mobilyze uses data from sensors already embedded in smartphones, such as GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and accelerometers. The goal is to use this data to develop an automated system to detect people’s moods, which could be helpful to those who are prone to ignoring symptoms of depression.

Creating a system to determine the users state of mind is a big challenge, but if achieved it would set this app apart from other quantified self applications which assist with mental health, such as Moodscope. In fact, if the team nail the algorithm to determine “individual users’ mental states” it won’t be too long until Siri will psychoanalyze  you as well as find you a nearby restaurant.


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