Tokyo Restaurant Has Dieticians On Staff To Offer Healthy Meal Advice

Tokyo Restaurant Has Dieticians On Staff To Offer Healthy Meal Advice

Following the increasing trend of better dietary habits, a Japanese restaurant has created set meals based on calories, weight, and time to help consumers eat healthier.

Alice Chan
  • 1 february 2012

Tanita Shokudo is a new Tokyo restaurant targeting health-conscious consumers by offering free nutritional and dietary advice with every meal. Created by health device manufacturer Tanita Corp., the concept is based on the success of Tanita Corp’s cookbook that consists of a selection of 500kcal meals. The restaurant, which replicates the style of Tanita Corp’s office canteen, will feature unique and helpful technologies to assist consumers in making smarter food choices.

Each table is equipped with a small portable weighing scale, so customers can weigh out an appropriate amount of rice for a healthy lunch set. There is also a kitchen timer set to 20 minutes, as it is the optimum time over which to consume a meal as prescribed by professional dieticians. And finally, customers can opt for a free consultation from a professional dietician in the restaurant itself. The restaurant’s website features daily meals for the day that meet the strict health standards. Since its opening, Tanita Shokudo has garnered positive reviews for its contributions to more health-conscious daily habits.

Tanita Shokudo

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