DIY Hack Turns Yogurt Into Prozac [Video]

DIY Hack Turns Yogurt Into Prozac [Video]

Now you can start your breakfast with a smile every morning.

Yi Chen
  • 16 february 2012

Belgium bio-engineer Tuur van Balen recently gave a live demonstration to show how easy it is to genetically modify yogurt. Balen went through the seamless process of tweaking the DNA of yogurt to make the lactobacillus genome produce the anti-depressant Prozac. With the help of tools like a centrifuge and electroporator, which can be easily ordered off eBay, your special blend of yogurt is ready to be consumed in just four to five days.

Balen is known for his quirky and thought-provoking science experiments. One of his research projects included modifying the metabolism of pigeons so they will defecate soap in order to keep the city clean instead of being overrun by ‘flying rats.’

If you’re ready to make your own Prozac yogurt, hit the play button on the video below to find out how.

Tuur van Balen

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