Driverless Cars Might Be Available Much Sooner Than You Think [Infographic]

Driverless Cars Might Be Available Much Sooner Than You Think [Infographic]

Automated vehicles could mean steering the wheel will be a thing of the past.

Yi Chen
  • 22 february 2012

Over the years, we have already seen driver-assistance technology being implemented in cars, such as lane guidance, lasers and sensors to widen the driver’s vision, and GPS that can determine optimal routes with minimum traffic. According to the infographics below, a completely driverless vehicle could be made available for mass production as early as 2018.

Having an autopilot function in cars could reduce accidents caused by distractions, which could save over 5,000 lives each year. Every year, accidents caused by distracted driving costs society nearly $230 billion.

Currently, companies like GM, Volkswagen, Audi, and even Google are testing out driverless cars. However, states and countries need to sanction autonomous vehicles in order for them to legally appear on the roads.

Driverless Cars and Distracted Driving Infographic

Infographic courtesy of Daniel Rosen

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