App Scans Your iTunes And Facebook Activity To Make Music Sharing Simple

App Scans Your iTunes And Facebook Activity To Make Music Sharing Simple
technology integrates multiple platforms to take the stress and annoyance out of broadcasting music preferences.

Plus Aziz
  • 14 february 2012

With mobile phone users at the center of its experience design, caught our attention for how it is organizing numerous API integrations into its platform. According to’s David Nam:

We took a hard look at the big picture of sharing and discovering music on your mobile device… Other sharing and discovery services were clearly invented for the web browser and not fundamentally designed for a mobile device. lets you broadcast recommendations like any other service, but we focus on person-to-person because sharing music is a global behavior, but the music you share isn’t globally liked by everyone. So instead of posting to a feed, post to the friends you think will like the music.

The app can read users’ iTunes history and Facebook sharing activity to display their top songs and recommend music based on’s proprietary algorithm. Recommendations and the creation of playlists can be more deeply personalized by integrating other social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook) and the app also has the ability to integrate other popular platforms including Youtube and Soundcloud without having to leave the app.

A final noteworthy feature that has music bloggers talking is how they leverage Songkick to introduce geo-location into music discovery. This goes beyond simply giving tour information and local bands to creating maps of where songs travel amongst their users globally.

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