eHarmony Gets Professional Calligrapher To Pen Your Facebook Love Letters

eHarmony Gets Professional Calligrapher To Pen Your Facebook Love Letters

Messages submitted through the social network will be converted into handwritten notes for Valentine's Day.

Emma Hutchings
  • 6 february 2012

eHarmony in Australia has launched a nostalgic campaign to handwrite love letters submitted on Facebook and deliver them in time for Valentine’s Day. It is celebrating the art of calligraphy and old-fashioned romance, and trying to inspire non-digital communication ideas.

Calligraphy Artists Recruited By eHarmony To Pen Your Love Letters

The ‘Love Letters’ campaign aims to fuse on- and offline messages by transforming typed out declarations into genuine handwritten notes, transcribed onto paper by a team of calligraphers and sealed in a personally addressed envelope for the recipient. Australians can submit their messages on eHarmony’s Facebook page until February 8th. Etiquette expert Anna Musson, who has been enlisted as a campaign spokesperson, said:

It can’t be denied that the romantic gestures of the past are slowly fading. Love letters were once the glue that held relationships together. Now, handwritten letters have become almost obsolete — receiving one in the mail is a pleasant surprise. This has happened for good reason. Writing a letter is no longer convenient nor is it particularly timely. Online communication tools like email and social media are immediate, reliable, free and, quite simply, more suited to our constantly evolving lifestyle. But the fact is, we still love receiving a handwritten note!


Photo by Linds

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