TheO is a smartphone accessory that protects users' smartphones in a foam casing that can be used with various apps.

Physical Apps are offering a new development in smartphone game playing in the form of ‘TheO,’ a foam ball accessory that protects a users’ device during rough play and can be rolled, bounced, kicked and thrown while playing dedicated apps. TheO, which was just unveiled at Toy Fair 2012 in New York, is about the size of a soccer ball and has a slot large enough to fit a 4.0-inch device.

Once your smartphone is safely inside, you can start playing accelerometer-based games and get physically involved, like with the Nintendo Wii. You can also connect your smartphone to a tablet or smart TV on the same wi-fi network and use the larger screen as your monitor. TheO is due to hit the market in May, priced at $24.95 for the foam ball and three apps including bowling and a hot potato game. Lots of other titles are being developed for iOS and Android, which will cost $1.99 for basic games or $4.99 for more enhanced apps.

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