Acacia or forest? Heather or manuka? A report in the UK's Guardian looks at how people just can't get enough of the stuff.

This article titled “Love you, honey” was written by Jon Henley, for The Guardian on Wednesday 22nd February 2012 20.00 UTC

At my supermarket, a jar of basic clear honey costs 99p. Down the deli, acacia, forest or heather is £6 and manuka can set you back £15. Precious stuff, honey. Producing it is hard work: a bee makes just a 12th of a teaspoon in its lifetime; a one-pound jar represents the nectar from two million flowers. We've been collecting it for 10,000 years (as illustrated in early wall-paintings), the Romans paid taxes with it. It never goes off in its raw state, has supposed health benefits, tastes sublime and was – until the discovery of sugar – our only sweetener.

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