NYC Health Initiative Offers Employees 24/7 Free Access To Local Doctors

NYC Health Initiative Offers Employees 24/7 Free Access To Local Doctors

Workers whose companies sign up to Sherpaa will be able to call or email nearby medical professionals whenever they have a concern.

Emma Hutchings
  • 9 february 2012

Dr. Jay Parkinson and his team have just launched a new start-up for health innovation that offers personalized, convenient and confidential advice from local doctors whenever needed. Sherpaa gives employees around the clock email and phone access to healthcare professionals so their medical questions or concerns are addressed quickly and efficiently.

The service is currently only for Tumblr employees but will be signing up other NYC-based companies in the near future. Once a company has signed up, their employees will meet with someone from Sherpaa for a confidential get-together to share health history, concerns and hopes. Then they will be able to email or call Sherpaa’s doctors (which they call Guides) 24/7.

These Guides are “well connected, in-the-know local doctors,” that will either answer a question right away or collaborate with other specialists in New York City to arrange the most appropriate care. Guides are also able to refill short-term prescriptions, diagnose and treat certain medical conditions, answer health insurance questions, help people find the best prices on their medications, and inform them about helpful new tools and apps to optimize their health.


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