Corning Incorporated has released a video that illustrates how its latest innovations will affect our daily lives.

Last year we reported on a video put out by Corning Incorporated that outlined the future of smart glass technology. Corning is back again, this time with another video that expands their vision and further illustrates how smart glass will influence our daily lives. The video, entitled “A Day Made of Glass Two,” begins with a young girl named Amy who is waking up in her bedroom. Her glass windows automatically turn from opaque to transparent allowing sunlight in. Her closet door is covered with a special glass panel that digitally displays all of her clothes and shoes. Amy’s personal tablet is hooked up to her family’s car (see how Toyota is using this technology) and she uses it at school to sync with her teacher’s lesson. The video also showcases the future of smart glass in the work place. Amy’s father, a doctor, uses a glass tablet to gather and exchange information about a patient so he can make a diagnosis.

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