Gamify House Cleaning With Rewards And Incentives For Kids

Gamify House Cleaning With Rewards And Incentives For Kids

HighScore House is a gamification platform for household chores that keeps track of your kid's progress online.

Emma Hutchings
  • 28 february 2012

Start-up HighScore House is a website and iPad app that lets parents set certain tasks for children to complete around the house and offer real rewards for them to aim for. Kids earn points as they do household chores and they can track their progress towards redeeming the rewards. This gamification platform inspires new ways to get things done around the house and points the way for similar platforms that reward task completion online.

Each household determines the chores (like walking the dog or tidying their bedroom) and the rewards (like a new toy or watching an extra hour of TV) and the site makes suggestions if you’re stuck for ideas or don’t know how many points a task should be worth.

Gamify Your House Clean With Rewards And Incentives

As children complete the chores, they earn points that build up until they reach their goal and are able to redeem a reward. The free platform makes it easy for kids to keep track of their progress and learn to work toward long-term goals. Special rewards like eating ice-cream for breakfast or riding shotgun in the car will encourage them to earn points by doing their chores every day. HighScore House is currently in beta but has spaces available for those looking to sign up.

HighScore House

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