Smart iPhone Dock Helps You Get The Best Night’s Sleep Possible

Smart iPhone Dock Helps You Get The Best Night’s Sleep Possible

New health and wellness app tracks how well users are dozing through the night.

Sam McNerney
  • 3 february 2012

‘Sleep Clock’ is a new iPhone app and dock designed by Gear4 that aims to improve sleeping habits. It uses a radar to monitor when people go to sleep, how long they sleep for, their breathing rates and movement, when they are in a deep sleep and if their sleep was interrupted. Using these metrics Sleep Clock calculates the best time to wake up the user. According to the product info, Sleep Clock “wakes you up at the lightest moment in your sleep cycle, so you feel more refreshed and alert.” By profiling sleeping habits the app also gives recommendations such as how to improve a sleeping environment and when to go to bed that allow users to sleep more efficiently.

The screen shot below illustrates how it all works. The app shows that the user went to bed at 10:30, feel asleep in two minutes, was asleep for two hours and 10 minutes but in bed for a total of two hours and 42 minutes. It also shows that the user woke up five times during the nap, which accounts for the extra half hour of lost sleep.

Sleep Clock is one of many new apps centered around improving health and wellness. As an article on explains:

The Sleep Clock fits into a wave of new products related to research on “the Quantified Self,” where researchers measure every possible thing they can about a person in the hopes of gaining larger insights. A slew of products, such as the Fitbit and Striiv pedometers, Jawbone’s Up and Lark’s sleep monitor/alarm, are aimed at making it easier for people to measure themselves in order to get healthier and sleep better.

The Quantified Self trend is becoming mainstream as more health software and apps are created. PSFK has reported previously about such products including MindBloom, an app and software that tracks mental and physical wellness and VitalClip, an app that monitors health stats.

Users can download the “Sleep Clock” app for free at the iTunes app store. It is made for the iPod, iPhone and iPad. The nightstand goes on sale this month for $199.

Images via Gear4 and VentureBeat


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