Google+ Hangouts Lets You Take Cooking Classes From Your Own Kitchen

Google+ Hangouts Lets You Take Cooking Classes From Your Own Kitchen

ChefHangout monetizes the social network by offering a service for around $10-$20 per session.

Emma Hutchings
  • 16 february 2012

ChefHangout is a website that uses Google+ Hangouts to offer cooking lessons, monetizing the social network for chefs who provide interactive and intimate classes for around $10-$20 per person. People can take part from the comfort of their own kitchen using the Google+ Hangouts feature, which allows a group to have a video conversation via their webcams.

Chefs Make Money With Google+ Hangouts Cooking Classes

ChefHangout offers lessons from a number of talented chefs on a wide range of different topics. You can search by category, view the most popular classes or look at the list of chefs who use the platform. When you click on one that you are interested in, you can see the time and date of the Hangout, a description, the utensils and ingredients required, the number of seats still available, the chef who will be hosting and the cost per person.

Chefs who join up can use the platform to make some extra money and showcase themselves on their personal profile page, which links to their upcoming classes and to their website and social network pages. You can learn more about ChefHangout in the video below:


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