Google Creates Daily Puzzles To Teach Users How To Search Better

Google Creates Daily Puzzles To Teach Users How To Search Better

The search giant has teamed with Wired magazine to develop a series of games to train us to find information faster.

Dylan Schenker
  • 16 february 2012

In an era predicated on information sharing and data collection, having a good knowledge base is important but also understand how to make the most of your resources. Being able to “Google” can be integral to research or discovering new information.

Google, in conjunction with Wired Magazine, has developed a clever means of cultivating this skill. The search giant has reached out to Wired to help them create so-called “Google Puzzles” that help users achieve mastery over their powers of search. Each day at 12:01 a new puzzle will be provided as well as the answer to the previous day’s puzzle.

Today’s puzzle is:

You’ll find me with wings, overlooking the intersection of Regent Street and Shaftesbury Avenue. What do I stand on?

As we become able to access more and more information, it can become difficult to cut through it all to find exactly what we need. Search as a skill allows us to compare and contrast what we discover and thus become more discerning with the information we come upon and trust. We can use it to verify claims and to discredit false facts. Search, when used properly, becomes an extension of intelligence and memory.

The Google Puzzle

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