MetalCompass unveils the Xappr Gun, a gaming peripheral that connects to iOS, Android and Windows Phones.

With companies like Nintendo losing ground and smartphone gaming taking over, this new peripheral from MetalCompass aims to provide a boost for a variety of augmented reality and shooting games. The XAPPR gun attachment for smartphones is being debuted at the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg, Germany, this week.

Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices, it will provide an enhanced experience for players with enabled apps. The types of games currently available include shooting alien spaceships, zombies and robots and a multiplayer combat game called ATK. This lets you work against each other or in teams, running around and trying to “shoot” other players by aiming at them with the gun, like a game of Lazer Tag. The XAPPR gun is now available for pre-order at $29.99 and will be supplied by June.

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