Personalized songs are created to help users find someone to take out on February 14th.

Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam have developed an interactive Facebook app for Heineken in the lead up to Valentine's Day. Serenade lets users invite potential partners on a date with the help of personalized songs performed by the band that featured in its commercial. The app is available in 20 languages and creates songs for Heineken fans on the social network, with lyrics based on where they want to take their date and why they think the person should go out with them.

On February 9th, Heineken will be hosting an 8-hour YouTube event called ‘Serenade Live' for fans around the world. Its Facebook and Twitter followers have been asked if they want to go on a legendary date and from those that respond, a few will be selected to have their serenade written and performed live on the internet. Viewers will be able to watch participants' reactions and interact with the presenter, the band and some “rogue sound engineers” via Heineken's Twitter feed, Facebook page and YouTube channel.

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