High Pitch Frequencies Launch Ads On Nearby Smartphones

High Pitch Frequencies Launch Ads On Nearby Smartphones

Sonic Notify generates media content through inaudible signals and could be the future of targeted marketing.

Plus Aziz
  • 27 february 2012

Sonic Notify is a flexible technology solution that presents a unique opportunity for content strategists focusing on proximity and live experience solutions. Their clients purchase a speaker, or a “beacon” (which come in multiple shapes and sizes) that send out high pitched audio signals inaudible to the human ear within music and other soundtracks that trigger compatible apps to launch websites, videos, texts, maps… pop up on people’s smartphones that are within range of the device. The technology can be installed anywhere from a super market, to a football stadium, to a personal wallet.

Check out the demo below to get a more visual explanation of how it works:

Since the technology is rather intrusive, clients have to make sure that they’re using this tool in the right type of environment, as smartphones are an extremely personal space. It does, however, present a unique idea that makes significant advances in mobile advertising. It’s already been tested with Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball Tour and New York’s Fashion Week. Not surprisingly, it’s all about relevance and targeting environments where opt-ins are likely to happen.

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