'Honest by' offers consumers a full pricing breakdown of its products, showing them exactly what they're paying for.

A new clothing website launched by ex-Hugo Boss designer Bruno Pieters offers men's and women's collections that are completely transparent regarding manufacturing costs. Honest by provides a radical disruption in fashion (especially designer fashion) where manufacturing costs are often hazy or hidden, allowing brands to demand considerable premiums for labels.

The first limited edition collection (sold exclusively online) has been designed by Pieters himself, with collections from guest designers due to be offered in the future. Honest by claims to be the first company in the world to offer consumers a full cost breakdown of its products. They are shown exactly what their money is buying, whether that is yarn, buttons, fabric or manufacturing, and even the mark up price is revealed. The company also offers full disclosure of the production process, so consumers can learn about the materials and the design, where their product was made and by whom. This is their philosophy:

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