Will The iPhone Become The New Drive-Thru Window?

Will The iPhone Become The New Drive-Thru Window?

Voice recognition software might dramatically change how customers order from fast food restaurants.

Sam McNerney
  • 9 february 2012

Fast food is about to get faster. In a recent article in Nation’s Restaurant News, James Scarpa outlines five ways restaurants are using the latest technologies to deliver food more efficiently. One of the trends, mobile ordering, will revolutionize the drive-thru experience. Here’s how it would work. Customers speak their orders into their mobile devices. Next, their message goes directly into a restaurant’s POS system. Using voice recognition technology the POS system identifies the customer’s order and even generates a list of the customer’s favorite items based on their purchase history. The technology would also be able to remember the customer’s phone number as well as understand many different languages and dialects. Once an order is placed all the customer has to do is pick it up.

If installed and used properly voice recognition could dramatically improve the drive-thru experience. Along with other new technologies, software voice recognition will allow fast food restaurants to be more efficient.

Nation’s Restaurant News

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