The Power Of StumbleUpon Applied To Kickstarter

The Power Of StumbleUpon Applied To Kickstarter

Kickstumbler is a site to help you explore and discover new projects on the crowd funding platform that you might not see otherwise.

Emma Hutchings
  • 23 february 2012

Kickstumbler is an experimental site by Hype Machine Labs that encourages users to discover random Kickstarter projects, using an interface similar to StumbleUpon.

Kickstarter is the coolest new thing on the web that we know. When not making Hype Machine, we’ve been obsessively browsing and funding projects. We quickly noticed though, that we haven’t been exploring more than just a few categories, and we knew there must be a way out of our comfort zones. Instead of sleeping, we made Kickstumbler, an easy way to explore random projects on Kickstarter.

How To Stumble Upon Random Campaigns On Kickstarter

You can explore campaigns from specific cities or categories (like film & video, comics, games, etc) or all of them. You can also choose the most popular projects, those that have just been launched or those ending soon. Click “Stumble!” to generate a random new project for you to browse and tick the ‘just video’ box to just see a full screen video for each project you look at.


Photo: The Verge

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