WillCall helps people find spontaneous things to do by offering unsold tickets at discounted prices.

San Francisco-based start-up WillCall‘s free app curates a shortlist of live events in your city for that evening, so you can purchase last minute tickets at discounted prices. It offers a new way to find entertainment, bringing together unsold tickets from a variety of vendors and enabling users to purchase them directly from the app.

Initially available in San Francisco only, the service is rolling out to other cities soon, and will be available in New York and L.A. next month. At the moment, WillCall mostly provides discounted concert tickets but plans to offer a wide variety of last-minute deals on events including musicals, stand-up comedy, ballet, theater and art shows. The average discount for tickets is 30-50% off, which is great for those looking for last-minute deals and for venues with unsold tickets as well.

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