Church Built Out Of Giant LEGO Blocks [Video]

Church Built Out Of Giant LEGO Blocks [Video]
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Colorful toy-like building blocks were used to create this 65-foot chapel.

Yi Chen
  • 24 february 2012

The Abondantus Gigantus was a temporary chapel constructed last year as part of the Grenswerk Festival in Enschede, Netherlands. The church could be mistaken for a children’s playhouse as it’s built using colorful construction bricks that resemble toy LEGO blocks. The concrete building material is Legioblock, which is often used to build walls and industrial buildings. These concrete blocks can be interconnected and stacked on top of each other just like the toy building blocks.

Designers Michiel de Wit and Filip Jonker commented that, “The odd scale of the church invites the viewer to become aware of the things we take for granted and to observe them once again, more closely, and to either let go or accept. The church appeals to sentiments for renewed sense of community.”

Watch the video below to see how the 65-foot toy-like chapel was constructed:

Abondantus Gigantus


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