Hookflash app hopes to change the way we interact on the professional social networking site by making it social on multiple levels.

Professional social network LinkedIn might just become even more useful with the upcoming app Hookflash. The iPad app works like Skype, but instead of building a list of contacts from scratch, it will automatically import your LinkedIn contacts when you log in. Hookflash allows users to place voice calls, video chats, and even send text messages to a LinkedIn contact for free.

Trent Johnsen, Chief Executive and Co-Founder of Hookflash, was recently interviewed by VentureBeat and explained that:

The value of your communications device or technology is directly proportional to how easy it makes it to communicate with the people in your network and maintain your directory of contacts. LinkedIn is the best service in the world at doing that for you, so we integrated LinkedIn as a directory instead of building our own.

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