New Luxury Spa Treatments Feature Booze Baths

New Luxury Spa Treatments Feature Booze Baths

Bathing in beer and champagne may sound crazy, but it's more common than you think.

Sarah Codraro
  • 8 february 2012

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If you forgot about Valentine’s Day last year, London’s Cadogan hotel can aid in your redemption, for a price. The hotel has added a series of champagne baths to their menu. These baths range in price, starting at a meager 4000 euros and topping out with the Dom Perignon of baths at 25,000 E, in, yes, that’s right, 120 bottles worth of Dom Perignon Vintage champagne.

The Cadogan is not the only spa picking up on this spirit-ed trend.  Spas around the world are becoming increasingly creative with their service menus and the Year of the Dragon hosts a wide array of new luxury spa services featuring all things booze.

Europe is already on top of the trend, with spas throughout the Czech Republic and Germany pampering clientele with beer baths, beer tubs, and beer pools. Heated to a cozy 93.2 degrees, these malty concoctions claim to ease muscle tension, exfoliate the skin, and infuse the body with vitamins. Indulge with care however, the head on these baths is telling; prolonged immersion in these vats of brew can get a person drunk.

The Cadogan

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