Nike+ launches two new shoes specifically tailored for niche athletics that track performance and stats and allow users to share their stats on their networks.

Sports giant Nike unveiled an extension of its popular Nike+ sneaker line with the introduction of Nike+ Basketball and Nike+ Training. The high-tech sneakers are embedded with four pressure sensors strategically placed throughout the soles and an accelerometer to track activity levels. The data is wirelessly transmitted via Bluetooth to the iPhone, iPod touch, and web. Athletes can also share and compare their workouts with friends via Facebook and Twitter or upload them to other users via the app’s global leaderboard. Nike+ Basketball offers unique features such as the Hyperdunk+ that measures speed, jump height and even abstract concepts like the “hustle.” In addition, users can utilize augmented reality technology to translate workout data into a customized video of themselves on a basketball court with the “Showcase” mode. Meanwhile, the Nike+ Training mobile app features videos of various drills, challenges, and customized workouts, all with unique names such as the Hyper Workout+ for Women and the TR 1+ for men. The new footwear and apps will be available in the U.S., UK, France, Germany and mainland China starting June 29.

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