Watchmaker Pimps The iPhone To Create New Way Of Telling Time

Watchmaker Pimps The iPhone To Create New Way Of Telling Time

Nooka, has developed customizable display features, local and world times, a stopwatch and an alarm.

Emma Hutchings
  • 10 february 2012

Nooka, known for its quirky and unique watches, has applied its style to a new iPhone app that allows you to display the time in a variety of face designs and customize the color of the interface. You can also look at the time in different places around the world, use a stopwatch and set an alarm.

Nooka presents a new way to look at time. Time is the most ubiquitous thing we experience. Nooka presents a graphical representation of time that transcends the linguistics and math that make telling time difficult for a child to learn – creating a truly intuitive experience to tell time, set alarms, and visualise world-time/timezones.

Watchmaker Nooka Applies Its Style To New iPhone App

Nooka’s app has four features. ‘Yourtime’ shows the local time in the face of its zot, zenh or zirc watches. You can swipe left and right to transition through the displays and use the eyedropper icon to fully customize the colors. ‘Worldtime’ lets you keep track of the time wherever you go and view the time in worldwide locations. There are also ‘Timer’ and ‘Alarm’ features that turn your phone into a stopwatch or an alarm clock. Check out the launch video below to see a demonstration:


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