#whilewewatch is a new film directed by Kevin Breslin that discusses how OWS challenged traditional news reporting.

We recently attended a screening of #whilewewatch, a documentary by Kevin Breslin, Director of “Living for 32” and son of famed journalist Jimmy Breslin. #whilewewatch explores how social media and live-streaming fueled citizen journalism during the 59 day-long Wall Street occupation.

The film followed key events of Occupy Wall Street including the Brooklyn Bridge march on October 1st, “Pepper Spray Cop,” the Global Day of Action on October 15th and Occupy's eviction on November 17th. Also captured were many forms of self-organizing mechanisms of the movement such as livestreamers, globalrevolution.tv media hq and wearethe99percent.tumblr.com. Finally, the film highlighted how the movement managed to stay instep with its overall message despite the diverse perspectives of its followers.

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