Control Office Lights Wirelessly With A iPhone Or iPad [Video]

Control Office Lights Wirelessly With A iPhone Or iPad [Video]

LED lighting system equipped with Wi-Fi can reduce energy consumption by half.

Yi Chen
  • 2 february 2012

Japan’s NET LED Technology Corporation has come up an energy efficient lighting system that can be remotely controlled. The NetLED can be switched on and off and dimmed over a Wi-Fi connection via a web browser or an iOS app. The LED lights can easily replace traditional tube lighting fixtures.

Although setting up NetLED is uncomplicated, the initial cost to do so isn’t cheap. Users would need to purchase a NetLED router that costs nearly $800 and each Wi-Fi enabled 40W lighting costs around $260. Although it’s a costly lighting system to implement, the company predicts that a company can save energy consumption by half after installing 200 units.

Watch the video below to see a full demonstration of NetLED and how it works:


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