Denim designer Naked & Famous has created a pair of raspberry-scented pants with a special coating.

Canadian denim designer Naked & Famous has added scent to its newest creation, releasing a pair of multi-sensory jeans for men that smell like raspberry candy when scratched.

The scented jeans have a special coating applied to the denim fabric, which contains microcapsules with a small amount of “perfume” inside. This coating is then baked into the denim so that when you scratch the jeans, the raspberry scent is released.

Naked & Famous have found that the smell effect still works well after 5 washes and according to their designer, most male customers don’t wash their jeans very often anyway. The scratch-n-sniff jeans are available at luxury retailers worldwide and online at Tate + Yoko for $150. They are currently only available for men, but Naked & Famous is considering a women’s version for next season with a different scent.

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