RFID Purse Concept Makes Sure You Never Forget Your Keys

RFID Purse Concept Makes Sure You Never Forget Your Keys

By tagging important items - phone, keys, camera - the sensitive bag alerts you when those items are missing.

Emma Hutchings
  • 23 february 2012

Researchers from the University of Wollongong in Dubai have come up with an interesting application for mobile tagging, enabling a person to keep track of the items they carry in their purse or bag.

Mohamed Watfa and his research team in the faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, have developed the “IPURSE” concept, an intelligent RFID system built on a mobile platform that can monitor items and alert the owner when something is removed or missing from the bag.

The team’s research paper explains how the IPURSE merges RFID and NFC technologies together into a single smart monitoring system that can remind users of overlooked items as well as providing alerts when a tagged item is removed from their bag. The RFID tag that stores and sends information is small and unobtrusive, with an adhesive backing that can be attached or inserted into almost any gadget or personal effect. Alerts are sent to a user’s NFC-enabled mobile phone if an item is missing from the purse.

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