Cotton Candy In Your Coffee? Seattle’s Best Says Yes

Cotton Candy In Your Coffee? Seattle’s Best Says Yes

Innovative social media campaign lets drinkers create custom drinks with different ingredients.

Emma Hutchings
  • 10 february 2012

Seattle’s Best Coffee has launched a new Facebook contest that lets drinkers create their own custom drinks with unique add-ins and toppings for the chance to win free coffee. ‘Create Your Deliciousness’ is part of a year-long marketing campaign to discover America’s passion for how they make their coffee delicious and suggested ingredients could end up on the menu in the future.

Create Your Dream Drink With Seattle's Best Coffee

Facebook fans can experiment with unconventional coffee combinations in the ‘Create Your Deliciousness’ game including Seattle’s Best Coffee blends and lots of cream and sugar options. There are also countless ingredients including birthday cake, salted toffee, peanut butter puffs, candy canes, mini marshmallows, chocolate chips and cotton candy, which can be mixed in or used as a topping. Each day through to February 17th, 100 customers who submit a coffee creation will win a free 12 oz. bag of Seattle’s Best Coffee. Chief marketing officer of Seattle’s Best Coffee, Chris Bruzzo, said:

We’ve always known how much people love their coffee, and what an important part of their day it is. What surprised us was that most consumers are really thinking outside of the mug when it comes to what they are coupling with their coffee to make it delicious. More than 80% of those surveyed have gone to interesting lengths playing barista themselves, adding items like cayenne pepper, balsamic vinegar, grape soda and even gummy bears to their coffee.

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