Southeast Asian nation adopts tech-enabled DIY learning to improve local education.

Trial Shuttle is a Singapore-based effort from gaming company Rockmoon — in collaboration with a local Ministry of Education program called FutureSchools@Singapore — that uses technology to let students direct their own learning programs.

Trail Shuttle “empowers users to achieve the desired learning outcomes by enabling them to customize one-of-a-kind, indoor and/or outdoor learning trails.” What that means, in essence, is that Trail Shuttle promotes self-directed learning via individualized, experiential paths. Three components, in turn, are involved to make that goal possible: a Web-based toolkit for creating learning programs as well as a mobile app that allows students to explore and experience those programs and a monitoring app that lets teachers track students’ progress. Included in the mobile app for students are an augmented reality way-finder and code scanner; quizzes to test the student’s learning; chat capabilities; and the ability to check in at “hotspots” and complete specific tasks, according to a report on, which also notes that some 16 Singapore schools are now participating in the program. Trail Shuttle’s Web-based toolkit works on the Chrome and Firefox 6 browsers, while its free exploration and monitoring app runs on iOS 4.3 or later.

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