Sony Futuristic Smart Outlets Will Make You Login To Get Power [Video]

Sony Futuristic Smart Outlets Will Make You Login To Get Power [Video]

Concept video shows how plugs with authentication and wireless charging could enable a more efficient use of power.

Emma Hutchings
  • 16 february 2012

This new concept video from Sony looks to the future of energy use with the development of an efficient authentication outlet. This outlet would manage and allow power consumption by identifying a specific user or device, allowing someone to easily charge their car or power their TV.

This new technology aims at an outlet, an infrastructure that electricity always flows through when used. Using this outlet, the user can actively control and manage power consumption on a user basis as well as on a device basis.

Sony Envisions Future Energy Use With Smart Outlets [Video]

The prototype outlet has a short-range wirelesstransmitter and can send authentication information over the power line. This could allow a user to swipe an NFC-equipped credit card and pay for energy on the spot. These outlets could also let us choose which alternative energy source we want to use, such as wind power, solar power and biomass power. Check out Sony’s concept video for the new authentication outlet below:


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