Arts Thread: How Do You Create Art With Sound And Light?

Arts Thread: How Do You Create Art With Sound And Light?
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The Kinetica Art Fair hosts the work of artists and designers who are inspired by the latest technologies.

Calum Ross
  • 14 february 2012

Arts Thread were welcomed by an orchestra of whirrs, clunks and bangs as we entered the Kinetica Artfair in the Ambika P3 Gallery, London. The five-day event brings together an incredible mixture of artists and designers who experiment with kinetic, electronic, sound, light and time-based media to create wonderful works of art. The packed-out venue was full of young and old alike, all eager to interact and examine the works on display.

We were a little intimidated by Studio Roosegaarde‘s Liquid Space installation as it began closing in on us. The giant machine can detect approaching visitors and rotate in their direction. If a person stands beneath it, the machine begins to lower whilst emitting colourful lights and sounds. While the lights and sounds were beautiful, we were a little scared that it was going to squash us!

Tim Lewis’ work was also a little creepy. The nightmarish animatronics which occupied his space at the exhibition were like something out of a horror movie!

Using simple forms, Ivan Black created a complex kinetic structure called 3 Cubes. By spinning the structure manually, the viewer will see the cubes begin to change shape.

Multi-media artist Sophie Cullinan exhibited her interactive piece Worn. Constructed from discarded garments, Cullinan created a life-size woman who, with the help of viewer interaction, can become inflated and stand up.

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[Written by Calum Ross. Originally published on the Arts Thread blog. Republished with kind permission.]

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