A Brazilian artist creates an interactive installation that stimulates all of the viewer's senses.

Contemporary Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto’s current work, ‘Crazy Hyperculture in the Vertigo of the World’ is a suspended mass of woven labyrinth nets and balls of aromatic spices that engage a viewer’s physical interaction through touch and smell.

Neto’s vision is rooted in the Neo-Concreto art movement, which, ‘places the spectator at the centre of the creative action, thereby converting physical interaction into a key aspect of his work’ as described by the exhibition. Intertwined webs of rainbow crocheted ropes fill the entire Cathedral Room of Buenos Aires’ new art space, the Faena Art Center, transforming the space into a whimsical dreamscape. The abstract installation is a living organism in organic architecture with a woven bridge welcoming visitors to explore the work from the inside out.

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