Toyota Turns Your iPhone Into A Steering Wheel

Toyota Turns Your iPhone Into A Steering Wheel

Free app lets you race around flashing your lights and honking your horn to promote their newest sports car.

Emma Hutchings
  • 9 february 2012

To promote Toyota’s newest sports car the “86,” which goes on the market this spring, the automaker has launched the “I am 86” app to allow users to race around like a car. This example of game development for marketing lets those who download the free app pretend to be the “86”. You can flash the lights, honk the horn and drift around corners while recording your “race.”

Become Toyota's Newest Sports Car With 'I Am 86' App

The app uses your phone’s camera, transforming what it sees into the view through a windshield, while the accelerometer measures the speed and drift around corners. You can flash the camera light and listen to the sound of the engine as you’re “driving” along. You can also record your route as a video and enter your race onto a scoreboard for others to rate through social media.

I Am 86

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