Grow Your Own Food At Home In Hanging Spheres [Pics]

Grow Your Own Food At Home In Hanging Spheres [Pics]
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The height-adjustable objects have been designed to maximise the use of urban outdoor space.

Emma Hutchings
  • 22 february 2012

Manuel Dreesmann’s inspiring design concept, Skyfarm, envisions hanging height-adjustable molded acrylic spheres above balconies to grow food at home without cluttering scarce outdoor space. It maximizes use of space in an attractive manner for those who would like a garden for growing their own food.

With the growth of cities the height of the buildings is rising. And so there are less gardening spaces but more balconies. So my idea is to use this minimal space on the balcony to grow your own food. But most of the balconies offer small space for gardening. The space on the floor is mostly needed for placing you chair and tables. But they offer a lot of unused space above your head. This is the space for the skyfarm!

There is a handle for you to pull the sphere up and down to adjust its height and you can write the name of the plant on it so you know what’s inside when it’s up in the air. Click through to see more pictures of the Skyfarm concept:


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+urban farming

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