Artist Creates An Interactive Maternity Ward For Yogurt

Artist Creates An Interactive Maternity Ward For Yogurt
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Jennifer Rubell's latest installation, Incubation, features homemade yogurt, cultured and shared with a live audience.

Sarah Codraro
  • 8 february 2012

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What do you get when you combine a degree in fine arts from Harvard with a culinary degree from the Culinary Institute of America? In Jennifer Rubell’s case the answer, this year, is yogurt.

Miami-based artist Jennifer Rubell often channels her artistic visions through food. She hosts a breakfast-inspired art installation in her family’s home every year. A few of her previous installations have included a freestanding wall holding over 1500 hanging donuts, 2000 boiled eggs, available for handling by viewers using latex gloves piled nearby, and honey dripping from the ceiling onto one ton of ribs.

Incubation is her latest installation. Two women wearing all white, culture yogurt in a room reminiscent of a maternity ward. As the yogurt is made, they periodically pass sealed jars to viewers for consumption. Nearby, a white pedestal drips honey onto the raised hands of viewers eager for something sweet with their morning breakfast.

Rubell loves food, but cites an exploration of the creative act and the feminine, as further inspiration for her culinary installations.

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