Lounge On A 3D Carpet [Pics]

Lounge On A 3D Carpet [Pics]
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Nani Marquina creates a hybrid rug-furniture design, with supportive wedges that lift up the corners of the carpet.

Emma Hutchings
  • 5 march 2012

Nani Marquina‘s ‘Flying Carpet’ rug can be combined with small or large wedges to lift the corners up and create hill-like shapes that support you like a lounge chair. This three-dimensional rug-furniture hybrid is a new type of home furnishing that can transform a room into a chic and futuristic space. The wedges make the rug seem to flow like waves and provide a place to lean and relax.

Something more than a simple rug, Flying Carpet means life at floor level, a plain and relaxing topography, a domestic oasis. Its design makes it a comfortable and playful three-dimensional space to sit down, stretch out and relax, both at home and in public areas. Any of its corners can be raised with grey felt-covered wedges, giving it a new form that allows you to make yourself comfortable on it to read, watch TV or chat.

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Nani Marquina

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