Dolphin Sonar will give Android mobile owners the ability to conduct voice-activated web queries.

Since the introduction of iPhone's personal assistant Siri, a lot of Android apps try to compete with voice-activated tools. However, most fail in delivering ease of use, complete broad range of tasks, and voice recognition capabilities that's found with Siri. That's about to change with Dolphin Sonar, a browser that allows users to search the web and navigate the interface using only their voice.

Dolphin Sonar was part of a free update of the Dolphin browser for Android phones. Users can instruct the app what to search on with their voice after tapping a circular microphone button or by shaking the phone. The browser utilizes Google's voice recognition API to convert voice commands into text. Search terms can include, “What's the capital of Australia?” or “Find me the nearest Italian restaurant” and “How long do cats live for?”

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